Unconverted Neopets

Unconverted Neopets are Neopets that have original artwork from the pre-Viacom era.

Unconverted (or UC) pets are a delicacy among pet traders; to have one or two or three means you're a pretty hardcore pet trader! UC pets also make accounts look a lot more trustworthy--so if you're looking to be lent any avatar items, make sure you have a few of these to show off!

Have a look around at our selection, and if you're looking for a specific UC pet, don't hesitate to let us know! We couldn't blame you for wanting all of them, they're all pretty amazingly cute. :)

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Unconverted Darigan Aisha
Buy an Unconverted Darigan Aisha today! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Unconverted Darigan Grarrl
Buy an Unconverted Darigan Grarrl today! ..
Unconverted Darigan Lupe
Buy an Unconverted Darigan Lupe today! ..
Unconverted Desert Aisha
Buy an Unconverted Desert Aisha today! ..
Unconverted Desert Poogle
Buy an Unconverted Desert Poogle today! ..
Unconverted Faerie Kougra
Buy an Unconverted Faerie Kougra today! ..
Unconverted Faerie Peophin
This Unconverted Neopet comes with Ultimate Genius stats! Buy an Unconverted Faerie Peophin today! ..
Unconverted Faerie Pteri
Buy an Unconverted Faerie Pteri today! ..
Unconverted Maraquan Kau
Buy an Unconverted Maraquan Kau today! ..
Unconverted Mutant Buzz
Buy an Unconverted Mutant Buzz today! ..
Unconverted Mutant Scorchio
Buy an Unconverted Mutant Scorchio today! ..
Unconverted Mutant Usul
Buy an Unconverted Mutant Usul today! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Unconverted Plushie Aisha
Buy an Unconverted Plushie Aisha today! * Western Union or Interac only! * If you are int..
Unconverted Robot Jetsam
Buy an Unconverted Robot Jetsam today! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Unconverted Robot Kacheek
Buy an Unconverted Robot Kacheek today! ..
Unconverted Tyrannian Draik
Buy an Unconverted Tyrannian Draik today! * Western Union or Interac only! * If you are i..
Unconverted Tyrannian Skeith
Buy an Unconverted Tyrannian Skeith today! ..
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