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Barbed Wire Black Liquorice
Just when you thought black liquorice couldn't get any worse...! ..
Blue Cybunny Negg
This pretty little Negg looks just like a Cybunny! ..
Blue Paint Brush Cookie
It paints your tongue blue! *Rare Gourmet Food!* ..
Chokato Toffee Apple
A toffee apple dipped in a creamy Chokato syrup. *Rare Gourmet Food!* *Rare Kadoater..
Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg
Chyrsaberry and White Chocolate all mixed together make a slightly sour Easter treat! This item..
Cornupepper Easter Negg
The breathtaking combination of Cornupepper and chocolate makes a great treat for any Neopet! T..
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg
Aww its almost too pretty to eat. *** WORTH 10 NEGG POINTS AT THE NEGGERY *** ..
Fruity Faerie Easter Negg
An extra special treat for a well behaved NeoPet. This Fruity Faerie Easter Negg is delicious! ..
Fun Icy Cheese Pop
It's certainly fun to eat! *Rare Gourmet Food!* ..
Grey Toast
No the toast isnt soggy, it is just sad! *Rare Gourmet Food!* *Rare Kadoatery Food!*..
Happy Anniversary Negg
Happy anniversary to you! *Rare Kadoatery Food!* This is Kadoatery Food! You can feed a K..
Holiday Ghostpuff
What an adorable seasonal fluffy marshmallow puff! *Rare Kadoatery Food!* This is Kadoate..
Jalapeno Kacheek Cheese
Just one piece of this cheese will have the ordinarily peaceful Kacheek breathing fire! ..
Kadoatie Biscuits
Aw, these biscuits are too cute to eat! *Rare Gourmet Food!* *Rare Kadoatery Food!* This is..
Magical Aubergine Chia Pop
A funny thing will happen to a Chia if it eats one of these... Your Neopet will turn into a speci..
Mega Pipper Sandwich
Pep up your hungry Neopet with this enormous Mega Pipper Sandwich! ..
Milkyway Shake
The only milkshake that is packed full of sparkles! *Rare Gourmet Food!* ..
Mint Kyrii Ice Cream
This ice cream has been lovingly sculpted to look just like a Kyrii! *Rare Kadoatery Food!* ..
Mutated Negg
Ulch ** WORTH 10 POINTS IN THE NEGGERY! ** *Rare Gourmet Food!* ..
Slorg Potatoes
Mashed potatoes and gravy form the shape of a cute Slorg! *Rare Gourmet Food!* *Rare ..
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