Battledome Weapons

Battledomers are seen as the most prestigious group in Neopia. To battle well requires skill, a strong Battledome pet, and (most of all) good weapons!

Our collection of Battledome Weapons are specificly targetted towards those who want to have fun with retired or powerful items. Learn some awesome healing techniques with an Everlasting Crystal Apple, do some massive damage with a Ghostkerbomb, and block your way towards victory with a Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield!

Saving up for these items is a pain. Finding them for sale is also a drag. Well, that's why we're here for you! Have a look around at our cool Battledome Weapons selection and see what would look good in your Battledome set!


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Amethyst Acara Medallion
This is not just a pretty necklace! It's a sweet attack+defense weapon especially for Acaras! It's n..
Bow of Destiny
With this, Talinia could split a hair on your head at 500 yards. Blindfolded. Very strong constan..
Bracelet of Kings
The gold in this bracelet alone must be worth over three million neopoints. This weapon can heal,..
Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting
Oblivion was no match for this mighty sword! Also handy for keeping charming rogues in line! Pack..
Darigan Skeith Tongue
Darigan Skeiths always slide this studded tongue cover in place before going into battle! This ..
Dark Battle Duck
What’s this? An evil squeaky duck! Send your opponents running from the battledome with its endle..
Decanter of Death
Disturbing beyond description...Battledome item! ..
Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour
Well, that somehow explains it all...Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour will block off ALL Light ico..
Entangling Lenny Lasso
This whirling lasso will soon stop your enemy in their tracks! This is a 100% freezer weapon for all..
Everlasting Apple
No matter how many bites you take out of this apple, it will never get any smaller. Feed your Neo..
Everlasting Crystal Apple
A beautiful swirling wonder that is full of suprises! This is an extremely unique weapon! Every t..
Faerie Tabard
This tabard is made of the finest materials and was enchanted by all of the faeries! This powerfu..
Fire and Ice Blade
This sacred artifact weapon contains a magical blend of fire and ice that will leave your opponents ..
Freezing Potion
Freeze your opponent in their tracks with this chilly potion! This is another 100% freeze weapon! Be..
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Need to beat the Space Faerie? Want to have a shot at beating that one battledomer you've always hat..
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Your last line of defence in the world of the paranormal! This great shield blocks ALL Dark ..
Glittery Faerie Dust
With a sprinkle of this dust your opponents will know you have the power of the faeries behind yo..
Green Scorchstone
This rare gem will restore your pet 40 hit points (after damage imcluded!) during a battle! Doe..
H4000 Helmet
Far more than a simple helmet, a single blast from this head gear will stop your opponent in their t..
Honey Potion
This potion is a great way to put your opponent in a sticky situation! Very powerful bomb weapon!..
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