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This is a collector's paradise! Find a wide selection of collectible items here! Enhance your Neopets Stamp Album Collection, Neodeck, and Lutari Talisman with these collectibles!

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Altador Travel Stamp
The beautiful landscape of Altador will remind everyone to visit! ..
Anshu Fishing Stamp
Who knew Anshu was a great fisherman! ..
Blue Ranaka Bead
Attach this lucky bead to your Lutari Talisman for increased special powers!! ..
Blugthak Stamp
Blugthak smash, Blugthak destroy! ..
Caylis Stamp
Haunted by dark visions, Caylis has learned to master her special powers! ..
Chokato (TCG)
You should have seen the expression on the Lupes face when he found out he was having Chokatos fo..
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Court Dancer Stamp
What a pretty little thing, how can she be bad?! ..
Darigan Spectre Stamp
** r99 Super Rare Stamp ** The twisted demonic version of Lord Darigan brings tears to most Neope..
Dark Battle Duck Stamp
Quack! Rare Album Stamp for The Battledome page! ..
Dark Faerie Stamp
Handle this stamp with care or this faerie may get angry with you! ..
Darkest Faerie Stamp
This stamp might be poisoned, be careful if you lick it! ..
Desert Paint Brush Stamp
This dazzling paint brush design is much sought after! This stamp is part of the Lost Desert st..
Dr Sloth Coin
A shiny Dr Sloth Coin for your Neopets Album! ..
Drackonack Stamp
Possibly the cutest thing to come out of Darigan! ..
Dubloon-O-Matic Stamp
Convert all your dubloons! ..
Giant Ghostkerchief Coin
Just looking at this coin sends shivers down your spine! ..
Gold Mote Stamp
Shiny, happy, stampy! ..
Hasee Coin
Aww its a cute little Hasee, how sweet! ..
Icetravaganza Scratchcard
This scratchcard can be used by taking it to the Ice Caves Kiosk, and rubbing off 6 of the 9 circles..
Illusen the Earth Faerie
High in the branches of Meridells deep forest, Illusen lives a peaceful life far away from any irrit..
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